Manchester United, and The F.A. Youth Cup.

Introduction. As everyone knows Manchester United have such a rich history of youth football.  It’s something that the club has prided itself upon, a long standing cornerstone of the Old Trafford club.  Over time United’s reputation as a centre of youth footballing excellence became the envy of other football clubs around the world.  Players suchContinue reading “Manchester United, and The F.A. Youth Cup.”

United’s First Flying Dutchman, Arnold Mühren.

Arnold Mühren arrived at United in the August of ’82, a regular in the Dutch national team, an experienced and well respected midfielder who had won major silverware.  He was born Arnold Johannes Hyacinthus Mühren, in Volendam, northern Netherlands in 1951.  Indeed, it was for his home town, a place known for its fishing andContinue reading “United’s First Flying Dutchman, Arnold Mühren.”