West Germany, F.I.F.A. World Cup 1954.

The World Cup of 1954 took place in Switzerland, home of F.I.F.A.  It was the 50th anniversary of world football’s governing body. The Federation of International Football Associations was founded in Paris, during the May of 1904.  It was only the second tournament since the end of the war, and F.I.F.A. were eager to makeContinue reading “West Germany, F.I.F.A. World Cup 1954.”

England, F.I.F.A. World Cup 1982.

After the ticker tape filled world cup of Argentina ’78, it was Spain’s turn to host the world cup of 1982.  Spain were given the ’82 world cup sixteen years before in 1966 about a week or so before the ’66 world cup began. West Germany and Argentina were given the right to host theContinue reading “England, F.I.F.A. World Cup 1982.”

The Republic of Ireland, U.E.F.A. European Championship 1988.

The first finals of the European Championships took place in 1960, however the call for a Europe wide national football tournament was first made back in 1927 by French football administrator Henri Delaunay.  Delaunay was a former footballer, taking to the pitch for the short lived Paris side Étoile des Deux Lacs, after he hungContinue reading “The Republic of Ireland, U.E.F.A. European Championship 1988.”

The Netherlands, U.E.F.A. European Championship 1988

The UEFA European Championship of 1988 hosted by West Germany was the 8th time the tournament had been staged.  The first tournament was first held in 1960 and was won by France who defeated the Soviet Union in the final.  As the years went on the tournament would evolve, an increased number of teams takingContinue reading “The Netherlands, U.E.F.A. European Championship 1988”

Northern Ireland, F.I.F.A. World Cup 1982

Qualification. Northern Ireland qualified for the world cup of 1982 by finishing runners up to Scotland in the UEFA qualifying Group 6.  It began with a 0 – 0 draw away to Israel (who were then managed by Salford native Jack Mansell), in the late March of 1980.  They were managed by Billy Bingham whoContinue reading “Northern Ireland, F.I.F.A. World Cup 1982”

PSV Eindhoven, A Brief History…

PSV Eindhoven of Holland are easily one of Europe’s elite clubs.  They are a club with heritage, tradition and an impressive roster of past world class players.  The city of Eindhoven is situated in the south of the Netherlands, in the province known as North Brabant.  The history of the city stretches back to theContinue reading “PSV Eindhoven, A Brief History…”

Bayern Munich, A Brief History…

Bayern Munich are one of those clubs that need no introduction, they are after all one of the world’s biggest clubs, recipients of many trophies and titles.  The club was formed in 1900 by a group of footballers who wanted to go their own way, away from Münchner TurnVerein 1879, a Munich sports club dominatedContinue reading “Bayern Munich, A Brief History…”

Manchester United & Red Star Belgrade, Brothers in Arms.

A unique friendship between two clubs, a friendship that took hold and blossomed during the late 1950’s. The Red Devils enjoy a good relationship with most clubs in world football and have done so for many years.  One of those clubs is Red Star Belgrade of Serbia, however the close links and friendship between theseContinue reading “Manchester United & Red Star Belgrade, Brothers in Arms.”

Tottenham Hotspur, The Keith Burkinshaw Years.

To a large extent Keith Burkinshaw’s Tottenham Hotspur hit something of a purple patch during the first half of the 1980’s. Not surprising really, there was some great players in that squad such as Glenn Hoddle, Steve Perryman, Graham Roberts and the two players from Argentina, Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricky Villa. A native of BarnsleyContinue reading “Tottenham Hotspur, The Keith Burkinshaw Years.”

The East German National Football Team, A Brief History…

Right then, the late 1980’s. It was a time when the wheels were beginning to come off for Margaret Thatcher’s position of Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, despite her recent election victory.  It was a time when the BBC Radio One playlist was full of shite (and yes it still is), and it wasContinue reading “The East German National Football Team, A Brief History…”